Wednesday, May 26, 2010

turning over a new leaf

it seems to be,
that my love for a nice cup of tea,
is coming back to me :)

i enjoy a cup in the morning when the husband has his, just before he leaves for work. and iv found myself leaning towards wanting another cup with breakfast. and these days i have the 4 o clock itch to have yet another cup.

by default, i switched to the milky boiled kind of tea when i got married -- as opposed to the english kind of tea i have grown up having -- merely because thats what everybody had at viveks house. but these days i find myself going back to good ol home tea.

this is just one of the many habits in life that i find are coming back to me, after a hiatus of over a year. and it makes me realize just how much i consciously/sub consciously changed and adjusted to when i got married in 2008.

i had forgotten what beans tasted like. i had forgotten what a full healthy meal was like. i had forgotten what ironing my own clothes was like. i had forgotten what salad with my dinner was like. i had forgotten what sleeping in shorts, and not having to change when i wake up was like. i had forgotten what wearing a skirt that ends above my knees was like. i had forgotten what a non-greasy dosa was like. i had forgotten what solitude was like. i had forgotten what peaceful nights without tv was like. and i had forgotten what having to worry and fend for myself was like. pretty much the same way i had forgotten what good ol home tea was like.

living on our own has been a liberating experience, that funnily enough has also reigned me in, in many ways, teaching me a few things about responsibility, management and control, along the way. i guess what i feel now is liberation, in exactly THAT sense. being responsible, managing ourselves, teaching ourselves control, and making it happen without falling apart.

the new me is pretty much the good ol me coming back to life.


Arjun Kartha said...

what about non veg??? ;)

haathi said...

what about it?
i never gave it up.

APARNA said...

Is it not nice to have that feeling that you are happy with your new you as much as you liked the old you?


haathi said...

oh no aparna, maybe it didnt come out right.. i was perfectly happy changing and adjusting to the things i did when i got married. but that was then. and my life now is quite different, and has brought about a lot of change in who i am..

so yes im happy with the way my lfie has gone, and the changes it has brought at every stage. and also with the person it has made of me :)