Wednesday, May 19, 2010

in love

..with my home.

even though its in a state of perfect incompleteness.
even though there's so much thats still incomplete about it.
even though there's still so much furniture thats left to be bought.
even though its far from what i imagine my home will eventually be.
even though sometimes it gets so dusty, i want to weep.
even though the switches and switch plates are the worst quality ever.
even though the pressure in the taps seems to be reducing.
even though i dont have as many things up on the walls as yet.
even though i would really like to paint a wall in my living room.
even though there's so much more thats left to be done, its pretty darn perfect for me.

maybe i love my home, because thats where my heart is :)


Arjun Kartha said...


thats why it's the NEST da!! And you're a nesting bird!!

haathi said...

:D CTG to my nest!

Arjun Kartha said...

hehehe I think you and PK and meant to be. If she were to write a blog, I'm sure that's pretty much what she would write. But she'd still obsess about the dust.

haathi said...

i obsess about dust endlessly. i dream about uncleaned spots also sometimes. and wake up and go check there.


Arjun Kartha said...

LOL you AG dust bunny you

Queenmatrai said...

Ooohh I like the sound of dust bunny :)

haathi said...

hehehe.. im having slightly soft pornish images of a costume of bunny-meets-dusting girl kind of thing.. lol. damn u AK!