Tuesday, May 18, 2010

realizations of the last few hours

- im a pushover of the highest degree. when people push, i get pushed over. i dont know what it is to push back.
- this fucks up my work in many ways.
- as a result, im questioning if im cut out to be the freelance writer i think i can be.
- im leaning towards thinking, im not. because:
a) i cant say no
b) i let people take me for granted
c) i cant get myself to equate time and effort to money
d) i cant push for information
e) im a bit of a masochist and i somehow alays get myself into situations that cause me great discomfort, but that i can never get out of

is this the end of my "career" as a writer?


Queenmatrai said...

I personally find that I write best when I am pendulating between extreme emotions...

Don't ever think of this as the end of your writing career.

AM I CLEAR or should I throw you in the dungeon?

haathi said...


i dont mean the blog queen.. im talking professionally..