Saturday, May 22, 2010


the waves were over 5 feet high. and very very frequent. the beach was deserted. red flags marking danger zones, unfit for swimming, dotted the entire lenth of the beach. lifeguards patrolled the entire perimeter of the shore.

the much talked about, much awaited and also much dreaded goan monsoon is almost here. i can feel it in the heaviness in the air. in the way everything is jus hanging -- still and muggy. in the way the waves are growing -- swelling high and bulging wide. in the way the shacks are all shutting down -- one at a time. in the way the tourists are all going home back to where they came from.

this is my first monsoon in a coastal town. and i cant wait.


Queenmatrai said...

Please stack up on your books and movies for the Monsoon

Cherokee Tomahawk said...

Love it ...Goa is gonna see me soon man I promise

haathi said...

queen: i think iv been unconsciously doing that already :D people say the powercuts are insane in the monsoons, though. so i need to figure out a way to combat that :S

cherokee: its a brilliant time to do some photography man, the monsoons make everything gorgeous around here.