Wednesday, May 12, 2010

aah! this life!

my current life gives me the joy of days that go like this:
- wake up at 6 45, to be a sleepy but dutiful wife who makes chai while her husband showers, has chai with him and sees him off
- wait for the maid to come and do her thing
- keep eyes open while she potters around, wishing she would hurry up
- dive back into bed the moment she leaves, curl up and slip right back into deep slumber
- wake up at 10, have a glass of fresh lime to fight the heat
- feel the heat take over, and make you ever so sleepy, and wondering if you will ever sleep TOO MUCH
- decide to give in again, get back into bed and go right back to sleep
- open eyes at about 12 30, feel uninterested in everything, blame it on the heat, doze off again
- doze in and out of sleep intermittently all the way between 12 30 and 4
- kick yourself out of bed at 4, decide to make motions to clean up the kitchen you have ignored for 2 whole days
- manage to slowly trudgingly clean up, and begin to cook dinner
- cook the yummiest smelling vegetable gravy and wait as the pressure cooker does its thing
- make plans to go swimming so you can wake yourself up
- realize you skipped lunch as a result of your endless slumber
- eat 4 biscutis to keep you going
- go swimming, the pool is therapeutic, relaxing and lovely -- just what you need after a hard day of, erm..sleeping and sleeping and sleeping
- come home, open up a bottle of beer -- your first in the last 10 days
- sip sip sip
- dinner, some laughs and freshly cut mango
- off to bed again!

yeah, that pretty much sums up yesterday.


Queenmatrai said...

I am assuming if it was your first beer in 10 days, your choice of poison was different the other days :P

haathi said... queen. i actually went off alco completely for 10 days in between. just 10, though :)

decided to take a break of sorts. felt like my entire life in goa cant be one long party, like it is when i visited goa on holiday..sigghh..