Saturday, May 22, 2010

niyu in goa

she came to us when i was down and out.
she came to us when i really needed someone.
she came to us when i wanted company to explore the new city.
she came to us when i was scared and anxious.
she came to us just when i needed it the most.

when she came to us, our home brightened up. not just with her works of art, but her laughter, the happiness, memories and togetherness. strange thigns happened too -- our meals became more wholesome. salad became a regular feature at the dinner table. fruit found its place in my kitchen. cooking became fun, less tedious and tiring. cleaning up even more so. every chore became a fun thing, especially the dishes!

plenty of trips were made and lots of tripping happened. to the beach. on music. on food. on yoghurt. on laughter. on alcohol and other things. on some absurd corny memory of the past.

the honest truth is that i had a blast and she brought homely into the home! and for that, for being the truest family i know, she will always be welcome!


Queenmatrai said...

What a beautiful post.
You can feel the love in the words and even more in the pictures :)

You my dear are one lucky girl.
Enjoy the Love :)))

Stay Happy and Smiling Always :)))

haathi said...

:D :D

nakedswaMi said...

ohhh rere...!!:) i had a super duper time and am soooo proud and happy for you. loved every moment of being a part of your Goa experience.. fully special it was. :D..
will be back soonly..
for a lot more happyations.

Shruthi said...

You girls are lovely. Big hugs to you.

haathi said...

so nice to hear from you!