Thursday, February 26, 2009

whats happening around me right now:

- the IT guys in front of me are huddled around one system, looking very eager and excited. im not sure what the excitement is about
- vijaya is sulking around for some reason
- my phone is ringing on and off. someone from my office whom i dont recognise is giving me MISSED CALLS. on my EXTENSION! now why would puja kaur want to do that? calling here is FREE!
- my cellphone is blinking, which means i have a missed call/unread email, but i dont feel like looking because that involves stretching my arm out, and im feeling extremely confortable where i am
- the light coming in from the blinds in the pantry is just super. i feel like shooting the shadows the blinds are making
- shwetha who sits next to me is scrawling "on sai ram" on her whiteboard. hhmmm
- anupam, who sits behind me, has a really nice baritone-ish voice. and hes on a call, with his headphones plugged into his phone. which makes him speak louder than he normally does. im enjoying it, because his voice is NIIICE. but his neighbour, nita, is really annoyed teehehehe
- im amazed at how many names i know, considering i dont belong to any of the teams i sit amidst (IT on one side and project management on the other), and barely interact with anyone beyond a hi-how-are-you-see-you-around-bye

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Anonymous said...

why you talkign to your self so much these days?? call me daaa im always there....