Sunday, February 15, 2009

time goes by..

its been such a rushed weekend. i always look forward to the weekend, because i think its going to be 2 full days, yeah FORTY EIGHT whole hours, to myself. to do exactly what i it sleep, go out, cuddle, be lazy, rad, watch tv, watch movies, catch coffee, get a drink..blahblah..

and forty eight hours seems like a large number of hours..but when im nearing sunday evening, i always have this sinking feeling that it was just not enough.

although i dont always DO a lot, the weekend seems to have zipped by, with me running from one thing to another. saturday featured some errands, a head massage, a long hot shower, getting knocked out cold by the aftereffects of a massage and a hot shower, meeting my folks, and a yummy valentines date with the THE BLUE BAR! which was oh so too posh for my style. with an irresistible unlimited-drinks-and-unlimited-starters offer going, it was too hard to give up. so we went there early and perched ourselves by the bar. but were quick to change places because iit was no fun sitting right underneath a very bright and very big flat screen tv that beamed out some tennis match.

so we got ourselves bar stools by a tall table, snuk away beneath some trees, and perfected with a candle light and roses on the table. the drinks were regular, whiskey-coke and vodka-oj, and the starters were fancy-schmancy, but good none the less. but what REALLY made the evening fun was the quiet date type thin, just the two of us alone, after so long. one of those dates where conversation happened, and when it didnt it was still beautiful to just be together. it was perfect and im so glad we went.

in other news, i got sufficiently buzzed and came back home and promptly passed out, despite the several attempts that were made to wake me up.

sunday morning began with a lazy dosa breakfast at abhiram. just the kind i like. crispy dosas. green chutney with a hint of tangy lemon. and english style tea. then i proceeded to wade through all the traces of my belongings back home. what little signs of the existence of revati upadhya in 402 had to be sorted, rummaged, divided..and the unwanted stuff thrown, the wanted stuff packed away and stored safely. and BOY! what an experience that was. i found loveletters that i hadnt given, piles of notes passed in class (mostly gossiping about some sexcapade with some boy or another), college notebooks with copious notes, books from all through my life, book marks, pens, stationery id saved long after it stopped working, pebbles, letters from various people, and a PILE of diaries i kept between the years of 1997 and 2003. diaries i will not sit and go through, and try and decipher the code in parts, and reminisce, reading about my days in school/high school/college..and mostly feel really stupid :) but i look forward to it.

lunch was uneventful and at home, post which i ran off to koshys to sneak in an iced tea. theres something nice and cozy about sitting at a table by the blinds, watching the world go by, while nobody on the outside can see you :) sipping on my iced-tea-less-ice, and nibbling small bits off a mutton cutlet and chicken sandwich. yes, koshys really brings out the pig in me. pj was there too. pj + koshys + fooding = muchos happiness. so we did our traditional chicken sandwich division and forced each other to eat the last piece.

pj and i took our first ever auto ride together, today. and on the way back, i experienced something i never have in bangalore. an efficient strapping young policeman, equipped with technology to really do something about injustice. and he really looked like he meant business. no questions asked, he proceeded to do the needful, while that wretched auto driver just looked on helplessly. i wonder if its possible to report auto drivers who baselessly demand excess fares, on a regular basis. this city would be such a better place.

i went to visit amma for the second time today :) and i took shortbread cookies along for her. the piracy raid has sort of rained on her 24 parade.

its just 9 20 and im incredibly sleepy. no energy left for anything. i wish i could just press the mute button in my head and shut out all the gazillion sounds im hearing. my head is bursting with all this unnecessary noise. blaring tv volume, ultra loud and dramatic music, and the din of peoples voices above it.

its been all to short and quick a weekend. doesnt feel like forty eight hours. and i just want to curl up and sleep.

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Vivek said...

i enjoyed the "dancle" light too....ehheeheheheheheh