Monday, February 23, 2009

i dont understand it

i dont know whats going on. i just dont understand it. movies these days..whats going on!

slumdog millionaire. so i watched it before the hype really began, and i must admit i enjoyed it. it moved me to tears, opened my eyes and left me shaken up. but it ended there. the movie is brilliantly filmed, i thought. but somewhere it failed to sustain the high it had built up. somewhere along its long and meandering duration it began to be like a white mans version of a hindi movie. with the stretched out drama, unrealistic love climax and the song and the dance thrown in just to give it some desi flavour. it was just a good film. thats it. didnt deserve 7 oscars. it didnt deserve to beat benjamin button. or the visitor. or milk. or the reader. and i can vouch for that just by seeing the snippets i have.

and then i watched dev d today. 5 stars in so many reviews. running house-fucking-full ever since iv tried to get tickets to watch it. and in the end it was just an unnecessarily long and twisted story, thats gone on much too long. far too long to sustain any charm it MIGHT have started off with. brilliant art direction and some involved acting by abhay deol kept me watching. then again, how hard can be to act as a drugged out alcoholic, lovestruck, heartbroken, horny man? if you havent watched it yet, youre not missing much.

billu barber, i liked at first for its dramatic, but touching story. a tearjerker, it had be with a lump in my throat at the predictable point where "sahir" khan makes that o-so-predictable speech and shows up to meet his long lost friend, billu. it did what a good hindi movie is meant to do to you. but in retrospect i feel it was just a huge showcase for srk. hes elevated himself to a demi-god status and has used the movie as a platform to promote himself. its semi-disgusting, now that i think about it.

so really..give me something fun to watch. something thats worth it. something thats not overrated and not hyped and just good old entertaining.


akshay said...

srk is god. slumdog millionaire is vastly overrated. white man's bollywood movie, right you are.

Vivek said...

8 oscars re...not 7

haathi said...

ayyo ok 8 da, not seven.
you ag proofchecker youuu!