Thursday, February 12, 2009


has its negative effects. today i have had (and will continue to have) a swamped day. including the team lunch that we rushed off to, and rushed back from to get back to work.

iv been piled with a huge project which involves lots of head work, lots of thinking and a crazy deadline.

so help me god.

and within an hour of this being assigned to me, i started to get that hot ache in my left shoulder, and fel my knee bounching. signs of stress, in case you dont know. and felt my head clutter up with thoughts, too fast for me to hang on to them. also, a sign of stress.

this is one of those times when im hyper before i need to be. panicking before i need to. getting stressed way before i need to.

thankfully an asian buffet lunch was spread out before me, and im so stuffed i could so easily go to sleep. and even snore maybe. so the food, once again, has calmed me down. and i am embarking on session 2, hopefully calmer, more collected, and less hassled.

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