Monday, February 02, 2009

just he way i am

lifting this off the compulsive confessor's blog. its a song i love, which i recollected after seeing her blog. feeling particularly sorry for myself at the moment. drowning in self pity and brooding over the state of my prolonged misery..

this song gives me a weird peace. it does really perfectly embody the security i feel. sometimes i think im not very good at loving things for just the way they are..yet, i have experienced it. experienced being loved for exactly what i am. with all my negativity, downsides, quirks and craziness. at a time in my life where i often feel so torn between living up to so many different sets of expectations, and being myself, unabashedly -- there is only one place i feel perfectly secure in being myself. just the way i am. and perfectly secure in the fact that i will never be judged or scrutinized on the basis of the way i am.

and i miss it terribly when its not around.

so the song hits the right spot just now.

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