Thursday, February 12, 2009

thank you

right now, all i can think of is how amazingly grateful i feel that i have amma and anna for parents. of all the gabazillion people on this planet, im SO glad i was born to them, and nobody else. im glad they did the things they did, took the decisions they did and brought us up just the way they have. because they have really taught us well. and at the risk of sounding terribly full of it, i think we've turned out pretty damn alright, as a result.

iv had 2 days of a stupidity overload. stupidity, as in the stupidity of life. iv watched life dole out huge amounts of absurdity, throwing the weirdest events at people, turning lives around in an instant, leaving people in no shape to think straight. causing tremendous amounts of stupidity all at once. funny thing is, in this ugly side of life, iv realised that life is beautiful really. i love it. because it has this ability, to put you in places you didnt know it can. places that you didnt know you could go to. it can make you feel things you didnt know you could, and really test you. put you in a corner and force you to find a way out.

what life expects is that you fight and come out on top. not cower and wither away like a wuss. and definitely not be stuck in that spot forever. if life throws a hurdle, its to be jumped over, or dunked under..but to be got past, at any cost. and thats just the way it tumbles, day after day.

lies, deceit, ignorance, stubbornness, control and fear..they were created to pull us down. to close our eyes to reality. to the truth. to keep us tied down. to prevent us from being liberated by the truth, the beauty of better days. theyre the things that keep you in the dark, away from the light, even when you try to leap out every chance you get.

and this is what iv realised in the past 2 days. the need to stand by the truth, to be honest till it hurts, to be strong, fearless and aware. to have your eyes open all the time. the world is changing at alarmingly fast speeds, and one cannot get left behind. amma and anna have taught us well. theyve taught us all of this. truth, fearlessness, honesty, integrity to always be true to yourself and do the right thing..or atleast the best thing you know :)

and suddenly today, i feel confident. because i know what theyve given me will never leave. it has the power to get me through anything life might throw at me. theyve liberated me and shown me the world out there, and opened my eyes to all its beauty, splendour and ugliness, alike. theyve never sheltered us from the bad, and never held us back from the good. exposed us to everything and taught us to face up to it all with confidence.

im just so glad i was born to them, and i am blessed to have had the upbringing i did.

thank you amma and anna.


Vivek said...

yeah thank u amma and anna....

akshay said...

that made me cry.

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