Tuesday, February 10, 2009

oh so random!

so india is really random. or maybe its just bangalore, i shoudlnt generalise. by random, i mean the sights we see, the things that happen, the smells that hit you out of the blue, the traffic, the people, the weather..everything is just to random. almost like everything just happens, without much planning or foresight or anything..and things are just going on..whirring along in this large clockwork of indianness.

so today while driving to work, where randomness in driving attacks me on all sides, dodging autos who have no concept of lane-sense, watching out for the little children who just might run across the road chasing after a wealth-from-waste toy, steering clear of the bmtc bus who thinks BUS IS KING, i spotted a very random sight.

a banner. the kind of shabby banner..printed haphazardly on flex, stretched across a wooden frame, with an array of politicians faces splashed on it, in a most uninviting manner. the kind of banner that extends "heariest heartfelt best good wishes on the ocassion of...: well, some festival or the other. and they try to be secular about it. the hindus extending wishes on muslim festicals, vice versa, and pretty much any combination possible. the mug shots of these goons, is anything but pleasant or inspiring. far from the kind of face that gives you the security of being in the safe hands of such powerful people :)

so bang in the middle of this poster, i accidentally spotted..wait..obamas face! just like that! no captions, no connection, no titles, nothing! just a smiling obama mug shot amidst these thugs.

we're so random! tomorrow i will drive slower past it, to see if there is a connection i missed.


akshay said...

is a festical, like an auspicious kotte?

manu said...

hey i saw that one too ra