Thursday, February 26, 2009

still some more 55-fiction

"first love"

"she's so sexy", he said, "with all the right curves, shes just so smooth. and i dont have to do much to get her going. just turn her on and she's takes off like a beauty. iv never felt so satisfied in my life."

and he smiled as he stroked his brand new sports car.


Vivek said...

predictable da... rework re....i want some twists

akshay said...

i must agree. and the 'she' bit, eurgh.

someone has thumba free time at kelsa, no?

Anonymous said...

wht are these beltations da?
wheres this comming from??
some book your reading a?

haathi said...

from the depths of my timepassing brain da.

And ya thumba time is one of the joys of not being in advertising anymore..thing get done fast and nobody cares if youre idle.