Monday, January 12, 2009

to eat or not to eat..

..that is ALWAYS the question.

my appetite is a funny thing. it gets hungry at odd hours, and it craves few distinctly specific things that i love. outside of those delectable "specialties" (which include things as simple as yellow dal), im not a big eater. i mean im not the gluttonous sort that can eat for the sake of eating, just because something "tasty' / "healthy" / "rich" has presented itself before me. of course all of this automatically changes when im on holiday. when there is a drastic shift in metabolism, appetite and intake. food can then be consumed in insane amounts, at fast speeds, with very little intervals between them.

but then again, thats a rare thing. on a daily basis im happy eating small amounts of food, at mealtimes only. but thats just not good enough. evidently im not fat enough :( and im not "healthy" looking enough. for the symbol of being a wife, and of a respectable family, one needs to be FAT to show it. or so i believe..

tut tut.. someday im going to write a book on the absurdity of my life.

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