Thursday, January 15, 2009

shaky truth about today

im in the midst of juggling a fair bit of newness in my life. and i dont think im as "settled" as i thought i was. today i added yet another element of newness into my crowded life. and i feel terribly unsettled. like a coke bottle thats been carried in a bag through a very bumpy ride. when the ride is done and im about to call it a day, i feel like its just going to erupt and bubble over. spilling uncontrollably all over the floor and making a giant mess.

i miss everything familiar. i miss home. i miss my parents. i miss my bed. i miss the warmth and security i had in 402. i miss everything i had that i took for granted. i miss having everything in life, in place.

i dread this shaky unfamiliar zone im in. and i feel awful that right now i have NOTHING thats familiar. nothing concrete. nothing fixed. (apart from the obvious, of course)


nakidswami said...

koki loki!...
chill madi, new things will come and fix those empty unfemilar gaps and feelings. :)
trust in me..

haathi said...

send me some long distance special hugs ra.. those work, always!

Preethi said...

revuu!! big big hug! lets go have some coffee ra..full happy u will be :D