Thursday, January 08, 2009


i might be obsessing with the new year a little bit here, but theres something about january that makes me sit and wonder. this past year has really whizzed by. we're already back in january, in a whole new year, when i can so clearly recollect events and incidents of the january of the year that passed.

quite frankly, 2008 has gone by a little too fast for my liking. far too much happened far too quickly. leaving me reeling. dont get me wrong..2008 has been a pretty damn good year for me, but as always i wish time would slow down, things would happen faster, so i could accomplish more, savour time and events better and feelings would linger on for longer than they do.

another year gone by. just an indication of how we're one year older. an indication of much is yet to be done, and how far we've come.

the year that has passed has been eventful. both good and bad. a lot happened. i changed 2 jobs. and eventually chucked it all to take a break, and explore working on my own. its been satisfying and challenging.

i dealt with telling my folks about vivek, getting engaged, preparing for a madass huge indian wedding, getting married and feeling like this was the best decision iv made in recent times.

consequently, i moved out of home for the first time EVER. iv always lived at home. all the 24 years of my short life so far, iv shared a roof with m family, with my parents. opportunities to move out have presented themselves before, but for many reasons (including fear, security, laziness) i chose to stay. yes, im a slut for comfort and luxury and wasnt ready to give it all up for a tougher life alone :).. so yes, packing ALL my belongings and moving, being wrenched out of the only familiarity iv known all my lfie was hard. but there was a flip side, living with vivek, which made it slightly easier.

iv travelled quite a bit this past year. and in retrospect, i feel lucky and happy that i saw so many places. hampi-twice, chennai, mumbai, pune, maldives, mysore, delhi, amritsar..and i think i havent covered everything yet.

2008 had its downs too. loved ones falling seriously ill, others battling addiction, feeling truly "broke" for the first time in my life, watching unhappy situations helplessly, adjusting to a new home and feeling like its all falling apart.

anyhoo, im looking forward to 2009. because 2008 was a bit of a transition for me. personally, professionally and emotionally it wa s moving from one thing to another. crossing over. so in a sense 2009 is a whole NEW year for me. a new role, new place, new home, new mind set, new attitude..and still holding on to evrything that makes me, ME.

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