Sunday, January 04, 2009


i thought i had a few new years resolutions to begin 2009. seeing as how this time, the new year is REALLY new for me. its a new life, a new role, a new me, a new way to be.

but for some reason i cant seem to remember the resolutions i had made in my head at various points during the build up to NYE. im trying to recollect but i cant remember. either they were not important enough to stick in my head, or maybe i dont really need an occasion to make a resolution. or to resolve to be/do a certain thing.

honestly, i think iv seen myself resolve to do things on several occasions, apart from on new years eve. so i wonder why all the fuss about make a resolution.

never the less, there are two things i really want to do well this year, and it needs to go down in writing, so i can remind myself:
- to travel, as much as i can. to make smaller simpler, trips even if in solitude. but to see as much as i can. and not wait for that one big trip to happen. to live everyday as a separate bit of my life, rather than a build up to "the next big thing"..
- to write, as much as i can. whether its this blog, or work, or jus random musings in my notebook, or to eventually get down to really writing.. just make it happen

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Prateek said...

i am game for the short trips :)