Wednesday, January 28, 2009

somedays the sun refuses to shine

from the moment i woke up, it felt like a bad day.
at 630 amma called to say she had had a bad fall on the stairs.
at 715 she called again to say she was going to the hospital.
at 8 she called to say she had broken her leg. in two places.
at 8, the husband left for delhi.
at 830 my breakfast refused to go down my throat. and discussing lunch and dinner so early in the morning made my stomach turn.
at 845 i ran to the bank and stood in the queue outside the atm.
at 855 i was still standing there. Some goons were withdrawing what looked like every last note lthe poor machine could offer.
at 9 i had already been turned down by 3 autos, and didnt know if the money i had would be get me to office.

i hope like hell amma can stand the pain and bear the rest and long days without any movement. i hope like hell she gets better really soon. i hope like hell she is up and about quickly. because i know she can be no other way.


prateek james said...

calm down daaa.....

uttara said...

Your amma is one of the strongest people I know, so dont you worry wevu, she'll be fine :) I have faith in that.