Monday, January 29, 2007

i feel like god!

its a big big big day for me, the technology dummy. even the ...for dummies books are a failure on me. when it comes to technology and gadgets and new developments and improvements, im a zero. but today is a big big big day.

as of now...this moment, today...i am wirelessly connected to the internet!! so, im typing this from the luxury of my bed. i lie here in bed, all snuggled in the warmth of my razai. my yellow razai. with my laptop on my tummy. and im awkwardly but excitedly typing away, with the frenzy of a crazed gadget-obsessed teenager!

with a LOT of help fom my good friend james, this was possible. from buying the wireless card on the weekend, to sitting on he phone for over half an hour, painstakingly taking me through the process of configuring it to work. step-by-step, even as he was figuring it out, without losing it..for im a bad bad technology person. we just dont gel. but miraculously it happened. in record time.

i feel like god! like i can make anything happen! thanks jaameeeezzzzzz!

heres to lot more online time in the lap of luxury. from the warmth of my bed. and the convenience of going wherever i please in my house. freedom. happiness. bliss. these little big joys in life..sigh.


BornCritic said...

Mad AA? Thats only gona make u more lazy...

haathi said...

BC: lol why are u called BC re?! MAD AA!?!? who said i had anything against being lazy?

S'koppleshwaraius Maximus said...

OHO you said you did it all on your own. btw, big dca... just a couple of days ago i had asked a frand of mine to help me set up my wifi, this sundayshwar.

niyu said...

BABAHHAHAHAH... good da rewann..
sexy job youv done. you should just be glued on to your bed daa.. fuckkkinggg... mad femal.