Monday, January 01, 2007

2007, here i come!

of all the wordy sugary sweet and lovely wishes i got for new years eve, this one totally took the cake:

have a dogs attitude towards all difficulty in 2007. if you cant eat it or screw it, piss on it and move on. happy new year!

31st turned out to be way more fun than i could have hope for. it wasnt spectacular. it wasnt a big deal. it was just right.

i do have a couple of resolutions this year. but how and when i stick by them is a different story altogether. but i am going to try. more importantly, that doggy line really inspired me. so here i am, 1 january 2007, all set to embark on the new year that has hit me totally by surprise. i woke up this morning slightly frantic that in exactly 4 months i will be 23. and that thought scared the shit out of me.

more soon..


Manu said...

i'm gonna be 23 in less than a week. and what have i done in life? thats right, NAARTHING. wothlax. but your doggy line is inspiring me also. i plan to kick ass in 2007.

haathi said...

sKoppeX: oh yeah no! happy new year boochi. and happy barthandai alsolesh.
be a dog re. they're the best.

Ajeya said...

have a hap hap happy new year! :)

akshay said...

habby deebavalli