Tuesday, January 02, 2007

what became of..

sitting in a coffee house
sipping away brown time
i think of myself and how he's changing
a fallen shooting star

changing seasons
falling expectations
leave me dry
i think of this place and how its changing
please dont leave me by

walking down a memory lane
look up to the sky
tell me your name and
il sing you a love song
look you in the eye

kunals got me in a deep deep funk. from reminiscing old days. from reliving a time in my life that has passed me by completely. 21 minutes and 21 seconds of a trip down "memory lane". i hate how cliche that term is. but thats exactly what "deep ends" has done for me. its dragged me from this fast paced present thats racing into the future, and dragged me back to a time of my life that was shved so far away into the recesses of my mind that it was a refreshing and much needed stap back in time. its a 21:21 minute gentle mix of everything nice. the best of TAAQ-esque styles and yaman..and im almost positive theres a little hamsadhwani in there..mixed with the floyd-esque one-thing-rolls-into-another feel. its left me totally high. fuzzy and like a lump of mush. like i could just break down and cry at the slightest emotional nudge.

kunal is fixated with the number 21. its no surprise the entire albums runs 21 minutes and 21 seconds. whats better, its one long 21:21 minute loop. the album features kunals self composed / writte n songs..and also features some of bangalore's best musicians..bruce, rzhude, sanky, lending their support and talent and genius.

21:21 mins. on repeat. and i can almost feel the words beneath my skin. like they're singing to me. just for me. sometimes music does that. touches you so deeply. makes you feel like you were just meant to hear that song that day that time. sometimes to the point of tears.

there was a time when we'd hang in kunals room. after dinner. over coffee or cashew nuts. or just pepsi. and he'd get high on the green stuff. and strum his guitar. it didnt happen often enough. for various reasons. but when it did, those times, were fun.

and i think of how far we've all come. he's sitting there in vancouver. living a whole new life. deep ends is now available online. here i am, sitting here in my cubby hole. listening to deep ends. and in my mind im travelling backwards in time. how ironic. what became of the good old simple days.. will we ever come a full circle? much like the unending melody on deep ends. from beginning to end. over and over again..

changing seasons
falling expectations
leave me dry
i think of this place and how its changing
please dont leave me by


Anonymous said...

Yup!! Life will come a full circle! Always does. Always! Just done think of it for now. Live in the present and enjoy it.

haathi said...

who are you?
i wish all you anons would leave names!

akshay said...

yeah he still owes me beer