Sunday, January 07, 2007


its happened again.
yet again. bloggers block.
i want to say so much. and the words dont seem to flow.
they're hiding away in the nooks and crannies of my scattered mind.
they cant find their way out. help.

its been a lovely day.
deliciously balmy.
lazy. nostalgic. long-drawn. perfect.
the sun came out. it was nice and warm.
i sense summer is on its way. slowly but surely.
i had a lot of coffee.
thus i am now wide awake.
and i also was lucky enough to get a bite of blueberry cheese cake.
and then i ate momos and soup with niyu.
niyu leaves tomorrow. i think its really going to hit me bad tomorrow evening.
whats worse is, amma wont be around.
the spirit of our home will leave tomorrow. flying away to her farway dreamy place. sigh.

im on a doors trip. cmmmoon baby light my fire. on repeat.
i think its a bloodddy brilliant song.
hello i love you wont you tell me your name.
mr mojo risin. he's so fucking sexy.
this is the end, my only friend. the end.

im off to cochin next weekend.
i cannot wait.

this is random. much like my state of mind just now.
random arbit and disconnected thoughts fighting to find their way out.
jumping out in a disjointed and scattered way.
fighting each other to find the exit first.
its time to sleep.
tomorrow, my day will begin with a drive to the airport.

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akshay said...

i feel paapa for this post. no one lowe it. dont be sad post-mari, i lowe you. see how much i lowe, such a long ppdoodle comment i putted off.