Thursday, January 04, 2007

looking back over my shoulder

now that the frenzy has died down. im sitting around trying to think..what was 2006 like?
mixed up, up and down.
college. graduation. white sari. straight hair. awkward pictures. funny relationships.
deciding what to do. trying to study. in time.
pondicherry. quiet guest house. fire throwers in the dark. comet. ecr. beach. kiney.
summer. speed run. long days. no studying. movies. alcohol. exercise. food.
rolled up pants. coffee day. extra class. practical exams. akshay. vishal.
haircut. purple haze. birthday.
family. feeling torn. needing space.
job apps. google. resource. making choices.
tears. laughter. turning 22. millers 46. akshay. pooja.
goodbyes. hellos. looking back. kunal. jee. maddy. anisha.
bombay. 4 days of lazy fun. babies. food. relatives.
work. a new life. a bad start. a good step up. money in the bank account.
loneliness. estranged. fish out of water.
jealousy. distrust. insecurity. and reaffirmation. renewal.
new friends. new people. new work. new experiences. so much to learn and see and watch and observe.
growing into a new role. writing. proof checking. design reviews. silent hatred. silent admiration.
thinking. feeling confused. wondering.
fighting with amma. wanting my freedom. what was my freedom?
car crash. being irresponsible.
akshay. so many fights. so much making up. so much growing up. so much love.
calendar 2007. powerpoint presentations. mind racking sorting and scheduling.
new corduroys. fabindia. vashis.
vivek. sankey tank. big bear hugs. new feelings. big fat smile.
food. wan ley. casa's. mainland china. coffee day. corner house. barista. hbh. cake walk.
accomplishment. success. new breath of life. so much learnt. so many new relationships. so many failures. so much to cry about. so much to look up at the sky and smile about. so much to be grateful for. so much to still accomplish.
i came into 2006 as a 21 year old. still in college. no real big dreams. and im leaving it, armed with new experiences, new feelings, new friendships. replete with rejuvenated energy and spirit. pleased in many more ways than one. satisfied and yet still yearning for more. so much more. curious about the future. nervous to take those steps. so much has changed.
its been a satisfying year in a lot of ways. i have so much to count on, depend on, be eternally grateful for. but my list of things still to do is still long and winding. im losing time. new years only reminds me of how another year has gone by.
and before i knew it, another year has passed.
world, slow down. i want to get off.


BornCritic said...

What was 2007 like?? Don ya mean 2006?? And yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy my name featured in there... hee hee :)

haathi said...

aayyo..yes i mean 2006. you proofreader!!!

BornCritic said...

Can ya blame me for paying attention to what ya write? Shut the fuck up. Dummas

Rectilinear Redemption said...

i guess that summed up every damn thing that you wanted to say over the past one year...
interesting blog....

akshay said...

ya baby i came twice in your list. yay!!!