Sunday, January 21, 2007


you know time is flying and you're growing older by the day when your friends begin to get married. one by one. this is the start of that phase in life, for me.

shwetha got married today. she looked lovely. she looked happy. id imagine marriage is supposed to do that to people. make them glow with happiness.

today, i began to feel like the idea of marrying someone you really love is fascinatingly exciting. i imagine its a mixture of a tremendous sense of excitement at beginning a new life, combined with a lot of fear and apprehension of stepping into something you've never seen or felt or done before..and wondering if it really will be like everything you've imagined. if it will live up to your expectations of what you think it will be like. its about leaving your past behind, and moving into a new chapter in life, carrying with you just memories, images, snap shots and pictures from the past. funnily, in a conversation over the telephone today, my grandmother asked when i planned to be married..and when i said im not in a hurry, its too soon, she said "those who say its too soon, and im not in a hurry, are the ones who end up geting married early in life".


but shwetha looked more than happy, and anything but worried. i hope she and venky have all the happiness and love and success and prosperity that they've dreamed of together!

didnt get any pictures of her..but here's us at the wedding.


BornCritic said...

Us at he weddin?? Hellooooooooo cha we shd've taken a snap in the evenin..

haathi said...

dummywummy: thats not a crappy picture. i think its adorable.

akshay said...

i also want to go to shaadeshwaris free tindeshwaris

haathi said...

akshay joshi dont be such a c3po all the time re. paaaapa!