Thursday, August 05, 2010

user-friendly me

if theres one thing i cannot stand, its being used. as per convenience.

a moment ago i felt like i just have an neon sign above my head that says "use me".


sulagna ™ said...

hello doe-eyed rather have a hallo around your head which glitters too

hAAthi said...

hahaa aww su youre too kind :P

nil said...

you hit the bull's eye. I HATE it when that happens!

hAAthi said...

nil: its the worst!

though, i must confess i think i was over-reacting a bit ;)

Jack said...

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WiezForce said...

hey Revati, got your link through Shruthi's blog.

I agree to what you said in this blog. I HATE that. It's that sinking feeling which encapsulates you after you've realized that you're being used.

anything you're doing to prevent this from happening from being 'used' the next time?