Saturday, August 21, 2010

recipe for a satisfying saturday afternoon

note: this must be done post a morning of cleaning, dusting, tidying and general obsessive-compulsive-need-for-order behaviour.

- an egg
- finely sliced onion (1 small)
- finely sliced tomato (1 small)
- parmesan cheese
- some milk
- salt and pepper to taste
- italian herb seasoning
- a stash of SATC downloads (preferably including the extras like deleted scenes and alternative endings and a 2 part farewell to the show)

- beat the egg with the milk, salt and pepper
- throw in the sliced onions and mix well
- add the parmesan cheese and italian seasoning and beat
- in a pan melt some butter and pour in the egg mixture
- when it is half cooked, sprinkle the sliced tomatoes
- flip the omelette and cook till done
- simultaneously, toast 2 slices of bread
- enjoy with toast and melting butter, and a side order of hideous amounts of SATC viewing all through the afternoon

when done, consider an afternoon snooze. pure joy. guaranteed.


Disguise said...

i shall make this!

hAAthi said...

make sure you have some good couch potato time to go with it :P

VC said...

And some beers

hAAthi said...

hey i didnt have beer and all..

VC said...

yeah but im saying disguise should make sure she has some...