Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i can see clearly now the rain is gone..

when we had sporadic and weak showers last week, i knew the end was near. the weekend was sunshiny, hot and humid. which turned out to be good and bad. good because we didnt get rained in and we could take the in laws out, roaming the streets of panjim, shopping, eating out and generally showing them our village! bad because the heat and humidity made it one sweaty weekend!

but this week, i know its over. the monsoon is over. i see it in the sun thats shining bright and strong again. in the puffy and white clouds. in the bluest of blue skies. and yes, im sweating buckets again. such is the cycle of life i guess! it rains some and then you sweat some.

on the bright side, i get to start swimming again, which i plan to do asap. also, as i type this my mouldy, fungus-ey sheets are FINALLY being laundered and i cant wait to disinfect them and dry them out in some SUNSHINE, for a change.

also, we're back to chilling water in the refrigerator, and to welcome the heat and sunshine, lekha and i made a chilled trifle pudding of sorts for dessert yesterday. it makes for an even better breakfast, i realize now.

iv loved the monsoons this year, and its a bittersweet feeling to watch fade away ever so gently. despite the luxuries of being able to swim again, and do my laundry at normal intervals (as opposed to once a week, because nothing ever dried!) and wear my shorts again, and maybe go the beach again, im really going to be counting days down to next years rains.

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