Wednesday, August 11, 2010

im back in the business..

yesterday was an incredibly sunshiney day!

the sun shone brightly and the clouds gently floated by.

and i just had to make the most of it. so i got out.

im running again. and it just feels so damn good to burn some calories and get them endorphins working. its amazing to be back in the business!


Anonymous said...

where are these tiles re?

hAAthi said...

in panjim. we have nicey paved footpaths :)

who are you?

Bhavna Shankar said...

is that a footpath? wow!!!

Anonymous said...

hhhaaahahahaah.... nice nicee.. one side you'll be trying to burn calories and the other they are tempting you with maggi!

hAAthi said...

why other wise..same side only you have all kinds of temptations from de silvas canteen!