Sunday, August 01, 2010

disasters of the spotted dick kind

it was meant to be firm and easy to slice. but it was floppy and lumpy.
it was meant to be spongy and light. but it was dense and sticky.
it was meant to be a super success. but it was a mess.

the spotted dick was a complete disaster.

iv recently developed a very serious liking for jamie oliver. liking is a bit of an understatement actually. its bordering on an obsession. the kind little teenage girls have for boy band artists.

but i like him because he is just so passionate about what he does, that it shows. in everything. in the way he chops, his imaginative cooking, his gardening skills, his relationship with his gardener, everything!

spotted dick, as ghastly as the name sounds, is a traditional british recipe featuring a steamed pudding/cake made of wheat, breadcrumbs, raisins and apricots. jamie oliver made it look so easy. and on his shows, hes always encouraging and insists that good cooking is about being brave. so pumped by his words, i felt BRAVE. brave enough to try my luck with spotted dick.

unfortunately it was a disaster from the word go. one i would like to erase from the history of my cooking endeavours. one that i still need to redeem myself from! and i will only ever attempt to correct this mistake if i ever feel woman enough to mess with this spotted dick again.

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