Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on what iv been up to

i havent been out in 3 days, because:
1) its been too rainy
2) the husband has needed to use the car to get to work

iv spent my days cleaning, in anticipation for the parents' visit at the end of the week. i tried to pace it out so i wouldnt leave anything out, and now i think im almost done. its a good feeling to prep the house up for someones arrival.

these past 3 days iv been watching a variety of films. i watched an interestin documentary on architect balkrishna doshi. it lead me to download an film on frank lloyd wright.

a considerable amount of time has been spent scouting for music to download. i finally downloaded a ton of beatles, bob dylan and now a mega nusrat fateh ali khan (original qawwalis!) collection is on its way.

i also got a new assignment, that i have been staring at all of today. its sitting in front of me, but id much rather faff around on the internet than pick it up with a sense of urgency.

iv also cooked! cholle and chicken curry included.

but most of all, iv been DEEPLY engrossed in this, my newsest and most addictive discovery. its like a whole new world once youre in there. shes a magic woman. she lives on a ranch, she blogs about her life with her husband whom she cleverly calls "marlboro man" and 4 kids, she home schools them, she cooks, and as if that werent enough she takes some damn good pictures of it all and writes exceedingly entertaining pieces about her life. its the best of everything i like: blogging, writing, pictures/photography, and cooking! a large part of her blog is a segment on everything she cooks, and her pictures are truly drool-worthy. if i make the mistake of browsing through this site in the beginning of the day, i can be sure the entire day will be spent doing just that.

she has a knack! she can make the most inane things sound interesting and worthy of reading. and she has these awesome pictures of pretty much EVERYTHING to go with it. its like she has her nikon d3x strapped on and ready to go ALL THE TIME. for someone with FOUR kids, whom she home schools on a RANCH in OKLAHOMA, that seems like quite a feat. and then she finds the time to blog about it all. whats better, theres an update EVERYDAY. sometimes two!

what i find most engrossing is what an enriching life she has! its just so full of activity, life, love and memories. and she seems to make the most of every little experience. i think i have a crush on her. a teeny tiny one. for sure.

give it a shot, you'll be hooked.


Jesu Dominic said...

Hey Revathi,

Wonder if you remember me – Jesu, from Brigade. I stumbled upon your Goa blog from Mr.Kartha’s Google Buzz update many months back.. The idea of taking a step back with progress (as most people see it), to actually progressing with ‘living a life’, truly left me in awe of you guys. Since then, when ever I’ve had time and wanted a good read, one of the sites I pop open are your blogs. Have been keenly following Arjun’s photography from the day he got his camera, and so, Vivek’s also.

Have often found many of the things you write very interesting and like this pioneerwoman link, incredibly useful. Am sure my wife will get hooked to it.

I wished for you guys to succeed with your Goa plans, as this world is getting a lot obsessed with the race to nowhere. Your success will hopefully get a lot of people thinking..

So cheers to you both, godspeed with your conquests and congratulations!

hAAthi said...

hey jesu

of course i remember you!

its funny that you picked my blog up from arjuns buzz link, and continue to read it every so often :) its funny because this blog has brought me in touch with many people i dont know if i would have crossed path with otherwise. its nicer when people stop by and share their honest feelings, like you have here. im touched.

i think the goa move had a lot to do with taking a few steps back from the rat race to, as you so rightly said, nowhere. we didnt know if when we made the move. it wasnt that calculated. but it has become more than evident in the past six months.

i could go on and on, but il end here.. thanks for stopping by, and hope you'll be back soon!

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