Wednesday, August 04, 2010

momentary PAUSE in my cooking spree

iv been obsessing with this cooking spree for a while now. its like a sudden burst of enthusiasm, that has just emerged from some hidden source. i cant contain it.

its not like me to pull out an arbit recipe of some obscure gujarati dish.
its not like me to feel confident enough to try it out.
its not like me to cook for myself alone.
and yet, yesterday (which was a completely rained out day, by the way) when (triggered off by bhavna's food talk) i had this sudden urge to eat dal dhokli, i did something i never have before. i decided my uncontrollable craving had to be appeased.

and when sanjeev kappor made it look so easy, i thought to myself "this cant be too hard." and i got down to it. i actually cooked myself some dal dhokli. rice. and papads. just the perfect lunch for a rainy afternoon.

soon after, irony of ironies, meghana told me that panjim has some awesome dal dhokli. at rajdhani. which is strange, because panjim almost never offers any options to satisfy my random cravings.
blueberry cheese cake - nothing. until i discovered carasid.
good continental food - nothing. until i discovered ernestos.
good chinese/thai food - nothing. until i discovered pan asian bowl.
however, these are all places one needs to plan a visit and go to. its not like bangalore, where one just gives in to every whim and fancy, picks up and goes to satisfy every craving. i dont have that luxury in panjim. so i never in my wildest dreams imagined PANJIM would be able to do something for my DAL DHOKLI craving.

next on the must-try list is rajdhani. but im sure it wont satisfy me as much as the success of pulling off a first time effort with a first time recipe of a first time dish of a first time experiment with a new cuisine (iv never made anything rmeotely gujarati before!) did.

then, last evening, as i was happily cooking my tomato-onion-garam masala mixture, and i was just about to throw in the scrambled paneer, the worst happened. the tove went lub-dup-lub-dup, flickered for three seconds and went off. never to come back on again.

i have finally run out of gas. after 4 and a half months, it picked today to run out. while this is probably a mundane occurrence for most, deep down i believe this is the universe telling me to go easy with the cooking spree.


Bhavna Shankar said...

haha... if food talk inspires u enough to cook.. what would the other talk do to you? ;)

hAAthi said...

if youre referring to "other" talk that we share, chah chah no worries it wont affect me!

Praerna said...

Eh it's no sign. don't you be believing any of that mumbo-jumbo. I'm loving this new chef side of you!

PS - I love the new layout of the blog!

hAAthi said...

pk: thankee and thankee!