Sunday, July 15, 2007


VC. dumms. dummy. bums. paaaa-aaaaa-aapa.

resource. meetings. conference room. frescos. dessert. chocolate. pebbles. casino royale. dhoom 2.

anejhari. trip. trek. beach. mangalore. aeroplane. take off. landing. bangalore. mysore. sankey wankey. walk. run. laugh. smile. tickle. cry.

movies. momos. photography. casas. us and them. old and new. together and otherwise.

cheeks. eyelashes.

upside down.

from vc to dummsy.
we've seen it all.
i think.


BornCritic said...

Shivanasamudra, BMW, Barista, Momos, Wappy, Cheesy veg sandwich, Xian, Pepsi, shallow DOF, nike shoes, caramel popcorn, corn, santro, pulsar, drive, rain, shiny stuff on my face, looking at orion, tchi, hint, birthday, shooters, dance, air pockets, flip flop, rubby rub, MMMMMMMMMM

haathi said...

:) i just saw this da.. i dunno how i missed this comment!