Sunday, July 08, 2007


her. me. together. differences. laughter. fights. angst. happiness. caring. nurturing. concern. only the best. oodles of happiness. all my life. courage. support. truthfulness. resilient. adjusting. flexible. rigid. stern. scary eyes. loud booming voice. musician beyond compare. all together and so there. firm. assertive. giving. easily convinced. super efficient. enthusiastic. calm. composed. pensive. quiet. know-it-all. doctor. friend. emotional vent. psychiatrist. psychologist. homoeopath. comforter. guide. anger. secrets. confrontation. simmering feelings. so much love. confusion. respect. strength. conviction. unchanging. outspoken. ups and downs.

and after all that, just so much love. i dont think i could ever match up..or even compare. no matter how hard i tried.


amba!!! said...

i love mummy too.. amma the best!

nakedswaMi said...

ehhhdaaa!!! sooooooo niceee yaaa :)
the smasii is the beshtesht!