Tuesday, July 24, 2007

down time

i have too many questions zipping through my tiny little head. and i hate to feel like im carrying the burden of all the worlds problems on my head, but sometmes one feels that way no? not literally, but like you want to escape into a little hole. and to the outside world its always like "whats the big deal..", but deep down i know im tugging and yanking at some really major decisions for myself. and its not easy.

i want to go to the sea. sit by the water, listen to the waves..to the sound of the sea and pray that i can listen to the answers deep within me. answers that only i can give myself. answers that have to come from the depth of my mind, my heart. i need some down time.


Anonymous said...


I'm gonna kiss ya from ya head 2 ya toes and then
I'm gonna lick ya where you'd love me to go, yeah!
Oil ya skin within hold ya tight
Yeah, I butter the toast
If U lick the knife
And take a shower
Maybe bubble the bath
I'll wash yours, U wash mine
Yeah, we'll have a good laugh
I'll be the sponge, the sponge
The sponge that wets U down
Then I'll be the towel upon
Your naked body, wrapped around
And then as our game comes 2 an end
We'll start again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

akshay said...

who the fuck is this twerp? you really should disable anonymous comments.

nakedswaMi said...


Gautham said...

yeah, i'm feeling that way for quite sometime now. i don't a sea and a chair or anything so elaborate or scenic. i would just like a room with one small cosy bed. and lie on it with my mind blank.

BornCritic said...

What the fuck is that? Jesus man.. Either its someone with a great sensa humour or is a perverted retard...