Friday, July 20, 2007

so not flowery

if it sucks to tell the truth, it should be known that it hurts twice as much to hear the truth and accept it. to digest it. to watch it dig a hole to the pit of your stomach. to allow it to shred your very being up.

i want to go to a beach far far away. where nothing is governed by how much one tries or how much one makes an effort or how much one is physically matter.

with flowers and beauty and emptiness. sweet smells. happy faces. no expectations. no bitterness. no coming and going. no ending and beginning. just plain old stand still stark existence.


Asavari said...

you think if you run far enough, you can never come back to your problems.?

Sigh. if only.

akshay said...

something about wishes and beggars riding comes to mind.

how i wish...

haathi said...