Sunday, July 08, 2007

for nostalgia sake

times have changed and times are strange
here i come, but i aint the same

times gone by seem to be
you could have been a better friend to me

you took me in and you drove me out
yeah you had me hypnotized
lost and found and turned around by the fire in your eyes

you made me cry, you told me lies
but I cant stand to say goodbye

i could be right, i could be wrong
hurts so bad, its been so long
mama im coming home

i REALLY miss the old days.
im bleah and feeling weird. confused and very dunno-what-the-word-is. its like im stuck in a moment from the past. i cannot get out of it. it haunts me, with no conclusions. its leading me nowhere.

i just want some familiarity. i want to go home.

1 comment:

Ivy said...

nostalgia's a bitch.
its a bittersweet pain.
something u dont want to get over but need to get over.

most of the time what works is the place you may call home. a place that feels like home. a visit - short or long seems to be the best cure.