Sunday, July 08, 2007

the unbearable weight of emptiness

theres a shallow hollowness inside of me.
if i reach/look/feel inside i feel/see/touch emptiness.
yet thoughts pace back and forth.
no beginning and no end.
winding unending inconclusive thoughts that dont mean much to begin with anyway.
if you asked me what im thinking, i wouldnt be able to say.
because i dont know.
it feels like a lot of things.
but its probably nothing at all.
or maybe it is.
im not sure.

something is stuck.
stuck inside me.
in my heart.
maybe my mind.
emotional soul.
and it has no voice.

there is dissatisfaction.
could it be a weird mixture of all this?

then why does it feel so bad?
why do i feel so empty?


Anonymous said...

I think the more you fight it and look for answers it will not reveal itself! Just float along with it.
Befriend it and it will open up. These are times where huge changes are waiting to happen but because you question it is takes that much longer I think.

haathi said...

who are you anonymous?