Sunday, July 29, 2007

random thoughts on a sunday afternoon

i wish i could bury myself in my books rather than my thoughts
i need to get down to finding myself that d80
there are very few people who REALLY get me
in retrospect i am amazed at realising who those few people are
is there some way to instantly change ones state of mind
i want to go to bandipur one weekend
hampi beckons also
funnily, the beach is no.3 or no.4 on the list at the moment
i wish i did more to be around for the people who take pains to stay in touch
iv wasted too much time, effort and emotion in things that will lead to a dead end
happiness is a state of mind that i can sustain if i choose to
working out has brought a lot of endorphins and happiness back in to my life
theres simple joys in seeing people happy
is there really a happily ever after
not everybody understands that
sometimes it hurts me to see that go unnoticed
am i really a closed book
is it hard to get through to me
am i hard to deal with
am i hard to understand
is it difficult to talk to me
should i really care
what does it mean to be really 100% at peace with everything
acceptance is the only way to go it seems
i miss the shnuggums
i miss what little "certainty" and predictability i had
it scares me to think that in on year or less my life might change completely
or not, and thats equally scary
it makes me incredibly happy to think that niyu is having a blast in bombay at college
i love hearing avneesh babble in what he thinks is perfectly understandable hindi/marathi/konkani
i like being able to tune out and read all afternoon
i want to watch a whole stack of dvds all day, one day
i want to go back to europe soon
can i really let go if i wanted to bad enough
i want to stop, chuck, start over afresh
everything must go
new choices, new people, new feelings new situations, new reality

happiness lies in being able to sort out unconnected meandering thoughts and put it all down. its like going in reverse in your mind and thinking back all thats swimming through your brain.

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