Tuesday, August 29, 2006

martin at work

i hate dogs, but i LOVE martin. for those who dont know who martin is, look here.

the poor dumb fool follows us everywhere. today he came into the boardroom. dense as he is, he doesnt get that the air-conditioning is always too cold for him. so he stands outside the door and politely whines and begs to be allowed in, nevertheless. and so he was let in. half way through our 3.5 hour meeting, we heard him sniffle and softly growl and bark. very softly, wispily, like a doggy angel!

turned to look at him, and there he was in true martin-style! fast fast fast asleep with his legs in the air, genitals for the whole world to see. and his head rolled back, in the deepest slumber. and we suddenly realised he was dreaming. and sleep-talking! it was the cutest sight in a long time! on being called "martin! wake up!" very softly and gently, he rolled out in one swift motion, to upright position..almost like nothing had happened. like a child that was caught doing something embarrassing, who then pretends like nothing had happened!

certainly made for a very welcome distraction in the middle of what seemed to be the longest meeting ever.


Noojes said...

Nice post - enjoyed it


mamoid said...

yo mamu!!it's been so friggin looong since i wrote on ure blog!!it feels strange ansd wierd how im connected with ppl i've known for so long!!!1i sent u a msg last nite..but i didnt get back any delivery reports...i wanted to thank u about suggesting he book NORWEGIAN WOODS..right now itit's on e of the best books i've read!!1dude hope all is fine a home...fill me in...tons of love to mam mental and u...im missing haze!!!i need haze...bbay has no rock culture and it's sad...plus martin is a rather cute dog!!!im wanting one or myself...bye yo!!!!

QA said...

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