Tuesday, August 29, 2006

charlie chaplin again

a few days ago, i rediscovered charlie chaplin. except im not 5 anymore, watching it on sunday mornings on doordarshan. so it was an all new-old experience. we watched modern times at work, all of us togetehr. all that was missing was the popcorn, which was ALMOST organised for.

charlie chaplin is so much more than slapstick comedy. its so much more than comedy for comedys sake. its so much more than one man alone making a silent movie so captivating.

its dark. its inherantly melancholic and sad. its so real. its so relevant. its timeless. we watched this movie 70 years after it was first made. still silent, still black and white, still so old. and yet so alive and relevant. and it made so much sense to me. and then someone told me of these lines, and i couldnt help but think they're so apt for the movie experience..

"the barque of humour often veers
from shoals of smiles to seas of tears"

in other news, i feel renewed. this weekend, im off on a mini holiday. and i cant wait!


Noojes said...

I'm sitting here watching Three's Company and laughing my guts out...

I hear you loud n clear


Ajeya said...

enjoy the break!

Black Artists said...

ah yes at the electrishans! she saw you too ;).. yeah the blue canvas was a pain in the rectum .. rained heavily that night and this HUGE puddle of water formed in it.. .im talking enough to drown the electrician if he fell in!!
joshi shudda gotten out and covered it properly!!

haathi said...

noojes: yes! timeless!

ajeya: i cant tell you how much im waiting to get to the weekend! funny, considering my last mini-break/holiday was under 10 days ago. muhaha..

black artist: joshi did get out. we were there on that very rainy night, but he couldnt do much. the puddle had weighed the canvas down, so he stood there and felt sorry and got drenched. i of course watched all this from the safe environs of my car!