Thursday, August 03, 2006

more gnr

yesterday, there was so many things i was never told
now that im starting to learn
i feel im growing old
cause yesterdays got nothing for me
old pictures that il always see
time just fades the pages in my book of memories

prayers in my pocket and no hand in destiny
il keep on moving along with no time to plant my feet
cause yesterdays got nothing for me
old pictures that il always see
some things could be better if we'd all just let them be


Ajeya said...

Great song! I love it.

Prateek said...

And that goes for all you punks in the press
That want to start shit by printin lies
Instead of the things we said
That means you
Andy Secher at Hit Parader
Circus Magazine
Mick Wall at Kerrang
Bob Guccione Jr. at Spin
What you pissed off cause your dad gets more
Pussy that you?
Fuck you
Suck my fuckin dick


Quietly Amused said...

and in other news I can access blogspot again.
in the unrelated comment section, listen to Keep the Faith off the This left feels right album. Acoustic, creepy, nice.

haathi said...

ajeyadada: yus! love it!

james: WHOA!! yes they rock da. my parents think im nuts when i wake up at 7 30 and play it really loud. paavam.

qa: i can also access now. dunno what went wrong that night. dont have that version, but id LOVE to hear it. iv heard this kickass funked up version of dead or alive which iv never managed to get. in other news, im fighting a throat infection. bleach.

Prateek said...

throat infection!!!!! how many times have i told you 'dont swallow!!!! SPIT!!!!!!'

Anonymous said...

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