Tuesday, August 08, 2006


i just cut my nails. its 10 42 pm. apparently its a bad omen. maybe i shouldnt have. maybe it will cast a spell on my happy od trip. shucks.

meanwhile, while im still od'ing on happiness, im considering taking a picture of my slippers. they're happy and fun.

also its a point to note how my happiness is only always related one of 2 things: - doing/feeling well in life and - incredible amounts of love (or lowe as i call it) vibes doing the rounds.

its also interesting how happiness and well being in one department of life, somehow penetrates the rest of my life.

hmm..there's nothing like being happy. be it after eating a deadly good meal, having a long hot shower, ice cream, being appreciated, feeling loved, basking in the sunshine, dancing the night away, a happy rush after a 3 km run or for that matter even a few kind words, from someone least expected.

im happy, for no apparent reason. or maybe there is a really obvious reason, that i cant really see. my mom would always rightly point it out in a situation like this.

i want to take off this long weekend. but wouldnt it be a little strange that i "fall sick" right between the weekend and the official holiday. i think so. sigh...


akshay said...

chappals are happy and fun aa...ok da. you are also like the chappals only.

Ajeya said...

"fall sick" ya! go have fun!!! happy happy joy joy (remember ren and stimpy??? not to be confused with wren and martin bleeaahh!)... as you can tell i'm happy too :-D funny, since my team got whooped 8-2 at this morning's football practice. *sigh*

biriya said...

i remember trying to get those same chappals last year and they were sold out in so many bata stores. i had to get the classic blue ones :)

Quietly Amused said...

still o.d.-ing?