Friday, August 04, 2006

just one of those days

some days no matter how hard you try or how long you persevere or how much you think you're doing the right best thing, its just not bloody good enough.
some days everyones dissatisfaction catches you by surprise and hits you bang between your eyes, when you least expect it.
some days you just dont know whats going on, what went wrong, or why things are the way they are.
some days the flu makes things worse than they could ever be.
some days women can be mean and insensitive.
some days people completely misunderstand earnest heartfelt emails.
some days you have to learn to let go.
some days it feels like you're alone.
some days all the happiness and lovely warmth of the past gets overshadowed by the fuckall momentary present.
some days i wish i wasnt me.
some days i wish i was stronger - physically, mentally and emotionally.
some days i just want to go for a long drive all alone.
some days you begin to realise things are not what you imagine them to be, in your stupid happy little head.
some days you also know that a little sleep will make it all better tomorrow.

im going to go sleep and let the antihistamine do its thing. god knows, i need it now. lets hope at least the tablets stick by me today.


Prateek said...

one day will come when you figure out that this is exactly how life is supposed to be.

we are suspended like scales between our ups and downs.

only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.

today is another day. enjoy maadi!!

Noojes said...

Some days you wake up with the joys of just being alive :)


Manu said...

life sux, existence is a bad thing.

haathi said...

james: id have to agree. yesterday was another day. today was another. tomorrow will be yet another. had a blast today! :)

noojes: yes, today was one of those days. and thank my stars on an average, i have more today kind of says than the the ones i blogged about!

chubi: where'd you go?

Anonymous said...

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