Tuesday, August 01, 2006

more nostalgia and a chocolate rush

been addicted to bon jovi for a few days now. more specifically, keep the faith. i dont know why. for no apparent reason, i pulled out an OLD cd and its been on repeat ever since. when you listen to a song that many times, it begins to present itself to you in fragments. vocals, bass, drums, first section, chorus, riff, end, fade out..all separate parts. it disintegrates even as it plays for the 6754096th time and yet something holds it together right till the end. bon jovi takes me back 4 years, to where it all began. in my mind im back in 12th grade, listening to bon jovi on my walkman, at the back of the school bus and feeling all dreamy. what a trip.

today i got my very own work station. my own place, from where i wont be uprooted. the opposite of a temporary set up. my private desk and drawers and soft board. and my own computer and my own system. outlook, office xp, access to the network, wordweb, stickies and all! what a trip.

on sunday evening, i drove down listening to sweet child. theres something about a lazy sunday evening, sun-down drive, with guns and roses playing very loudly. more nostalgia. what a trip.

todays my dads birthday. i ordered a RICH chocolate cake. and demolished quite a bit myself. and then lay down in my bean bag. listless. not moving. not even so much as lifting a finger, much like a beached whale on a scorching sea-shore. and then i proceeded to get fatter. what a trip.


PrissyCook said...

i tuned into an 80's station today and heard Bon Jovi and let the windows go down and just drove...what a feeling, huh?

prateek said...

bon jovi, school bus, walkman, own desk, own computer, birthday, rich chocolate cake, ate most of it, bean bag, growing fatter!!!! that last one caught my attention.....

does this mean your ass has grown bigger???? now i can say 'hey revati you have a shady background!!!' and you will say 'why?' and I will say 'because your ass is like a beach umbrella!!!!' hohohohohohohohoho

haathi said...

james: yes ass gets big first, unfortunately. nothing else shows it as much. such is the nature of my genetics. and thus i will have a shady background.

now for some reason fuckall bsnl has blocked blogger, some few weeks too late. fuckers. what a load of circus tricks i have to do to access this..and then have my comment get published as 'anonymous'. what shit.

Ajeya said...

Happy birthday R bappa!

Noojes said...

Life :)