Sunday, August 12, 2007

why is it..

..that a woman tolerates hurt silently? and a man is so quick to state what hurt him?
..that a woman can show her attachment easily? and a man chooses to seem detached?
..that a woman can learn to be tuned out like a man does? but a man cannot learn to share like women do?
..that a woman will give endlessly till she cant anymore? and a man can never fully understand that?
..that women learn tact and endurance? and men can just be themselves, no matter how absured it may seem?
..that women never learn? and men just never change?

over the past week, iv learned that women are softer for a reason. malleable, vulnerable and easy to push, punch, squeeze, pinch, and yet know they'll be alright and endure for a long long time. its needed. the world demands it of women. they're made that way for a reason.

we're ruled by the right side of our brains to complement our counter parts who are controlled by the left side of their brains. bloody genetics. and psychology.

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