Saturday, August 11, 2007

tired and frustrated

  • home to airport 45 minutes
  • check in and chai 15 minutes
  • chat with pooja 30 minutes
  • boarding - waiting to takeoff 50 minutes
  • takeoff - banglore 80 minutes
  • circling in the sky 30 minutes
  • landing and taxi 10 minutes
  • queue in loo and baggage claim 20 minutes
  • waiting for taxi in rain 15 minutes
  • taxi drive home 75 minutes

for the first time ever despite having boarded a flight that caimed to be on time, i was in the air for a good 2.5 hours on a bombay-bangalore flight and eventually reached bangalore a good 1 hour late. 7th in queue to take off at bombay and 6th in queue to land in bangalore. traffic jams in the skies also i guess.. and the whole time we were aimlessly circling the skies over bangalore, the stupid information on my swanky little tv screen kept switching between 12 and 13 minutes to landing. the cheats.

the food sucked on kingfisher. they've FINALLY changed whats on the menu, so i was all whoppeee, until i saw what it looked and tasted like. 2 dry pieces of malai kabab; one crumbly bun with a blob of tomato puree, sauteed onions and cheese in the centre; and this ridiculous thing they called potato and corn "chaat" which was so ridiculously spicy and hot (i mean temperature wise) for chaat, that i couldnt have it. and dessert was this thing with fancy name i cant remember, which was actually extra fluffy cream on a marie biscuit with a blob of blueberry goop on top. and then i needed to pee. they made their landing announcement and said fasten seatbelts and stay in your seats and blahblah.. so i sat there, while the tv fooled me for about half an hour. and then i got off in the rain and walked in the rain to the terminal..and rushed to the loo, only to find that theres all of THREE stalls in the ladies room, for the whole arrival terminal. brilliant! so there was this long meandering queue there as well..with all kinds of varied and assorted women of all ages, castes, religions and nationalities. by the time my turn came i decided to close my eyes, nose and mouth to make the job short and painless, without any side/aftereffects..

and then the drive back was one big traffic jam all the way home.

i knew i should've stayed an extra day.

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