Monday, August 13, 2007

all the colourful days...

...are coming around again

we been so long waiting
for the all time high
we got a damn good reason
to put your troubles aside
and all your winter sorrows hang them out to dry
throw it away
gotta throw it away
all the colorful days my friend
are coming around again

i got someone waiting for me
its been so long since we met
and i may not be your salvation but il offer nonetheless
and if like me you wanna take that chance
its coming around again


uttarar said...

the happy song:) THIS is why we've stayed friends. Running into our 6th year rewan! So many memories:) so many happy songs:) and oodles more to go! ummmmmah:)

haathi said...

so you got what the post is about aa?!

uttarar said...

for once i did:)!