Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i have...

work. and my mind has gotten moving. rolling.
creativity. and the ideas flow. unstoppably.
music. teardrop. it soothes.
computer. refreshing change from the old, slow laptop.
reading up. lots of material to churn in my mind.

im peaced out.

"those days, of warm rains come rushing back to me
miles of windless, summer night air
secret moments, shared in the heat of the afternoon
out of the stillness, soft spoken words.."


Asavari said...


What do you do?

Im intrigued.

haathi said...

what do i do?

if you mean on a daily the moment nothing.
i write, though. currently in between the past and future plans. so im not quite sure what i do.


akshay said...

there is such a thing as too much dessert.

haathi said...

so who asked you to stuff like you've never seen dessert before? and like you wont get any for the rest of your life?

full mad frenzied look in your eyes at the sight of such a spread.


mamoid said...

what up da and das that includes mental with whom im very upset btw!!!!! as for my i have for the moent i have a rainy afternoon with an lcd palsma scren waiting for me back at my moms guest house!!! and dude kakoosthalai!!sheesh havnt heard that in awhile!!!mental and desserts!!!i've seen it all!!!remember the ice cream ook at boo's bookstore??

Asavari said...


i knew you were doing something either in publishing or photography.

as per blog entries.

Wasnt Sure. Just thought id ask.