Wednesday, August 15, 2007

not-so-sensitive am i?

i think the "sensitive" side of me is non existent. i dont know what it is.

i just watched this most disturbing and nerve wreckingly shaking up and eye-opening peta video. animals mutilated, treated horribly, living the most degrading lives in meat and poultry farms and eventually killed in the most horrendous fashion, unbelievably gory and just so shockingly inhumane (if thats a word) ways..

iv heard the video is fake. but i believe its true. its looks too real to be fake. and i dont believe it cannot happen. its shaken me up. and yet not enough to just want to quit eating meat. i just cant get myself to so it. and im wondering why.

its true, i think that "sensitive" side of me is dead. its disgusting me.